Thursday, December 07, 2006

It is time!

Cancer really stinks. No question! The word is impossible to say for some, and easier for others. For me it is something I can say. My daughter had cancer almost 10 years ago. My father died from cancer a few years back.

So why the depressing subject? Why now? Why on a blog? To be honest it is NOT depressing to me. It is a constant reminder to me that life is short. Life is about the experience. It is about being honest and holding integrity close the heart.

Very simple. I enjoy life. I enjoy people. I love my children. I love my wife. I love sport. I think it is safe to say, I'm just a happy guy. This time of year is important for Triathletes. At least those in the this part of the world, it is just about time to start. Time to plant the seed. Time to get serious. Time to look at the family and say a few things:

1) I need your help
2) I will give it my all
3) I have a dream to see YOU at the finish line!
4) Please come with me on the journey!

Life is short - enjoy the journey - make sure you take your family with you!


Anonymous said...

Great Post. You said it all.

Anonymous said...


Wonderful words of reflection, hope, and happiness. It's good to hear your daughter is doing so well ten years later.

Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

First time to your site. Nice. Great words, great photo!
I always say, "I'm going to be dead in 40 or 50 years, so I have to do all this stuff now". And it doess't depress me, either.
I truly believe that the 44 1/2 years I've had so far were a blessing. Every day of it has been. It helps me live each day recognizing that.
Great post - I'll check back.

BKemp said...

I love your "four points." People need to know they're important, wanted, needed, and cherished. Your points communicate just that.