Friday, January 12, 2007

Never underestimate the power of Ironman

I said that on SimplyStu MANY times. Each time I looked at it from the training side, the athlete side, the training for 15 hours a week side. I never really looked at that statement from the "IronWidow" side. Huh? Did I just say that? It's true in that I have tried on this site to look at all things from the other side, but never looked or thought about my statement.

"Never underestimate the power of Ironman." Now this is not unique to Ironman, but there is amazing power behind training for such an event. I'm not saying it's negative, it's just something that needs to be addressed. I have dealt with it in my family. Sometimes I've done a good job, and many times not so good. I have tried too hard at times, and not tried hard enough in others. Sometimes I do not think it is right, and other times I know it is wrong. The bottom line is simple, you need to deal with the "power" now, a week from now and a month from now. Talk things out. Talk to others that have done it. Learn, listen and remember there is a lot of power in Ironman - both good and bad (I never see the bad but I know it is a part of it).

I try SO hard to make things right. I've done it twice and you would think I get better at it? Well, not really! I do try and I give it 100%. Isn't that all one can ask? It is not worth loosing a friendship, marriage, or partnership over but it certainly does have the power to rock the boat a bit.

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Emmie said...

well u have a very nice posting here... i like the way u look at it.... and i agree surely to what u say... i would surely drop by your blog again...!!!